About me


Phillip Schusterthanks for visiting my blog. My name is Phillip Schuster and I am living in Hamburg, Germany. My passion is to create things and I love good design and well made products.

I have learned programming at the age of around 10 and since then never did anything else. After nearly 30 years of experience in programming and building software I recently began to work on “the other side”: hardware. In my spare time I love to create hardware products from scratch to PCB.

Writing software and building hardware is not an easy task at all. But online communities, open source and open hardware did give me so much help and motivation, that I wanted to give something back. So I started this blog to write about my problems and solutions, helpful links and communities.

Personal info

Phillip Schuster, Hamburg, Germany, born 1976.

Working at

4Players GmbH, as CEO, but also doing a lot of development stuff if time allows it

Programming languages

C, C++, Java (well, quite good, but not really good), JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, PHP

Development platform

MacBook Pro Retina 15 (the best Mac I have ever had), Xcode, C-Lion, Arduino IDE, PHPStorm